The George Benson Sessions: Someday We’ll All Be Free LIVE

November 11, 2009 | Music | 3 comments

We just uploaded the video for Someday We’ll All Be Free.  Enjoy.


  1. ana rita / November 23rd, 2009 13:24

    Every day you become more beautiful George!


  2. Manuela / January 2nd, 2010 12:28

    I grown up with your music… i listen your LP and CD since i was born and you are an important part of my life…you are simply the best…THE ONE! Thanks to existing George!


  3. Tim Barton / May 29th, 2010 13:58

    Hi George, I have spent the last thirty years listening to your music and have spent many hours playing tracks time and time again. I have been lucky not to miss a concert of yours in the uk since 1982. The last five years I’ve been very lucky to be front row with you. Your tribute
    to Nat Cole last years was special and again lucky to share it with you. I will be at the 02 this year with a little luck at the front with my wonderful lady Fiona. We both love songs and stories and often sing along with you. Some day we’ll all be free is a special of mine as many are , love is here tonight, in your eyes,reason for breathing, every thing must change,affirmation, nature boy far too many to mention. One huge request George, this year I will be with you with my lady Fiona smiling at the front hopefully, if you could play One Like You for Fiona that would make my dreams come true. Looking forward to seeing you Wednesday George. Regards Tim Barton.


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